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tv   MSNBC Live With Hallie Jackson  MSNBC  October 26, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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that's why, with over 30 year of medicare experience, 'lle there foyou -- we can even help schulur appointments. li aarp medicamplete.le,r about ouplans,lk to unitedhealta glad fflex.thcare goght pat line to enll exa stro to oioirips a ars. hey, everybody. i'm hallie jackson, joining you back here on msnbc, the place for politics.
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we are out at the navy memorial in washington. it's not the campaign trail, right? but it kind of is. we're just a couple of blocks away from the new trump international hotel where donald trump held a -- well, i guess you can't call it a campaign event but it was something. we'll talk about it later in the show as hillary clinton headed to southern battleground states. she's there now. you saw her live within the last hour. let's talk about the big news. rather interesting moments that happened less than an hour ago at the hotel ribbon-cutting in washington. trump appears back on the meghan kelly warpath again applauding newt gingrich's volatile interview last night. >> by the way, congratulations, newt, on last night. that was an amazing interview. >> can we go back to the tapes of the show? you are fascinated with sex and you don't care about public policy. >> today newt gingrich tweeting
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megyn kelly was wrong. i don't have anger management issues. i do have media bias issues. let's bring in jacob rascon and kasie hunt covering the candidates with 13 days to go. we saw hillary clinton on the campaign trail pushing the message of early voting. right? >> that's right. she's talking and focused on early voting. something that the clinton campaign feels like the trump campaign is neglecting and some of the early numbers we are seeing in florida do bode well for clinton's campaign. there are more people voting early so far. we think it will be on pace to far outstrip early voting in 2012. democrats feel strongly that it's going to help them. latino voting is up a little bit in florida. that can cut both ways here. different latino communities have different voting habits, cuban americans in miami, for example, have often supported republicans. there is a lot of puerto ricans in the i-4 corridor and
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significant mention san-american population. you will see hillary clinton campaigning with jose andreas later today. that of course a little bit of a dig because he pulled out of the trump hotel project. that's now the subject of litigation. we heard her talk about the hotel where you were today from the stump on the campaign trail today. we have a piece of it. take aing loo. -- take a look. >> today he's in washington, d.c. to open a new luxury hotel. while the hotel may be new it's the same old story. rele lied on undocumented workers to make his project cheaper. and most of the products in the rooms were made overseas and heavh he even sued to get his taxes lowered. >> this is a theme from hillary clinton talking about trump's properties n. the debate she talked about the trump hotel there being made of chinese steel. they feel this is a place where
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they can hit trump. but the overall mood here with the clinton campaign is one of overwhelming confidence. there is a little bit of warning about complacency. people don't want -- democrats don't want voters to think it won't matter if they show up because she's got it sealed up. but you can just see it in the candidate herself. she's very cheerful on the trail. she seems excited. that hasn't always been the case. there have been difficult moments for the clinton campaign throughout the last year or so. you can really feel they are on -- they feel as though they are on the right path now. hall hallie? >> kasie, hang on a sec. i want to talk about the mood, but let's bring in jacob at the next event donald trump will be at. out on the battleground of north carolina. this is one of the most important states for him. campaign sources talking about how these are key places for them to drill down. given the talk about swing states what we saw of donald
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trump doing today was not ostensibly campaigning but he was at an event that featured a number of members of the campaign staff. lines from speeches he delivers at campaigns as well as he tried to promote not just his brand but his own candidacy as well. what was your take away from what we witnessed from donald trump at his new hotel? >> under budget and ahead of schedule. six words he says are really important. this has been a pretty consistent thing. he's been, as you know, he's had a lot of events at his own property. some 32, i believe, over the months. it was interesting to me he pointed out that newt gingrich interview. as you played it in the introduction, what an interesting subplot to this entire election. this feud between donald trump and megyn kelly that started more than a year ago with the question about women and what he said to women and the back and forth and then he skipped the
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debate. what they were arguing about, newt gingrich and megyn kelly was, of course, the accuse rs that have come forward against donald trump. that still being this issue that is really hitting -- getting under the skin of that campaign is quite interesting. donald trump told newt gingrich we don't mess around. we don't mess around. that may have over shadowed some of what he was trying to do there. the message he wanted to relay was under budget and ahead of schedule. later today in north carolina, this is a state where, as you know, polling showed him ahead in september. many polls. but now he's behind by two or three points in the average. he plans on a speech today focusing on america's inner cities. it's always a what do you have to lose message. he'll point that picture today saying the cycle of democratic leadership in inner cities has failed and he's the only thing that can come in and change that
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hoping to hit policy. >> let's be clear about the reasons why this event is on the news now. the republican nominee for president has chosen to spend part of his 13th to last day before election day here opening a hotel, doing ostensibly business and getting back out on the campaign trail later in the day. he has called the media to this hotel in the past. remember the last time the traveling press corps was here. he was born in the u.s. billed as a news event. minutes upon minutes of an infomercial. the actual news of the day contained in a single sentence. this event billed from the beginning as nothing more than a grand opening or ribbon cutting. notable that trump did talk about getting back on the campaign trail. one thing his aides have been
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talking about is how good they are feeling. kasie talked about the mood in the clinton campaign. trump's team is looking at the new poll out of florida. they are feeling encouraged. explain why. >> very encouraged. they had polls that showed them ahead. in the last 10 or 11 polls, trump has been down in every one but one. a couple others had them behind by two and three points. the trump campaign knows, donald trump admitted if they don't take florida they have no path to the white house. on the trail, the campaign seems as excited and confident as ever. even the campaign manager admitted they have work to do. an interesting stop in d.c. he has two events in north carolina today. there are those in the campaign
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including kellyanne conway, a pollster who knows they are behind and have work to do. >> jacob rascon. thank you very much for being with us. with team trump. just after the ribbon cutting. i had a chance to talk to newt gingrich about the comments to him. listen. >> it's nice to be recognized by a potential president. >> brief statement from newt gingrich there. essentially saying it was nice to be recognized by a potential president. i asked him also about some of the fallout from republican women concerned about what the interview says about the state of the party, the state of the trump campaign and where women can be incorporated into the gop after election day. something to talk about with folks we are bringing on now. liz smith, democratic have the gist. we'll try not to make it a cage
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match. >> thanks, hallie. >> let me start with you. i want to play more of the interview with former speaker gingrich. >> if trump is a sexual predator -- >> he's not. you can't say that. >> that's your opinion. i'm not taking a position. >> i'm sick and tired of people like you using language that's inflammatory that's not true. >> excuse me, mr. speaker. >> no. donald trump -- >> you have no idea whether it is true or not. >> neither do you. >> that's right. i'm not taking a position on it. >> you are fascinated with sex. you don't care about public policy. >> me? really? >> that's what i get out of watching you tonight. >> do you know what, mr. speaker? i'm not fascinated by sex. i am fascinated by the protection of women. >> you know the campaign is dealing with a gender gap. why do there sp. >> first of all it is important to note we have been unfairly treated by the media. it's not just my opinion.
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there are credible numbered if you look at broadcast shows. the amount of tension given to trump scandals versus hillary scandals is unbelievably skewed. having said that i don't think we'll win the election by convincing the american people of the media's unfairness to us. we'll win based on the economy and national security. mr. gingrich can talk about what he wants to. i'm more focused on prosperity and security rather than what the media has been doing to us. >> your candidate, hang on. your candidate hasn't been saying that. >> he's talking about media bias, where is the mixed messaging here. >> it can be all of the above. for me personally, we are a big campaign with a lot of voices out there. i am choosing to offer an optimistic way out. the anger and angst in america
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is palpable and real. because people aren't confident in the economic situation. they are not confident in the security, home and abroad. i want to focus on solutions to the macro issues. i think if we are skillful, although the media is often a hurdle for us, we can go above and around the hurdle to speak directly to the american people with forward-looking optimistic solutions. i think it's why we'll win in 13 days. >> i heard you trying to jump in there. you sounded skeptical. >> yes. i respect steve's position here. steve, to your credit i think you are one of trump's better surrogates here. look, let's address it. >> thank you, i think. >> let's address the facts here. donald trump is the one who brought this to the discussion. donald trump and his surrogates. he opened the speech about what to do in the first hundred todays talking about how one of the first things he'd do after
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the election is sue the 11 women who accused him of sexual assault. it is megyn kelly's job as a reporter to ask donald trump and his surrogates about this. it doesn't do him any favors to have people like newt gingrich then accuse her of being fascinated with sex. first of all, sexual assault is not sex. it is violence. their cavalier attitude and dismissive attitude toward women who have come forward with serious allegations has not done them any favors with women. >> let me ask. is this going to show up in democratic super pac ads over the next couple of weeks and how do you fight back? >> i could see all of this showing up. it's a clear pattern with donald trump and donald trump's surrogates whether it's newt gingrich attacking megyn kelly, donald trump calling hillary clinton a nasty woman. donald trump attacking the
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appearance and credibility of women who came forward with serious sexual assault allegations, democrats have a lot to choose from attack ads. they all fit into a pattern that donald trump isn't someone who respects women and is someone who sexual lly preyed on them. >> when people go to the voting booth this is what i'm confident about. not salacious allegations levied on both sides. there are plenty of allegations regarding bad misconduct of both candidates and frankly i don't know that it's particularly relevant to today. what's relevant to people today is who can deliver us prosperity, make us more secure as a country and donald trump has taken a lot of grief that he went to a hotel, his business and acted as a private citizen for a few hours. i think symbolically what will show the american people is this is a man who spent his entire life employing tens of thousands of people and selling incredible deals. in contrast -- >> you're shaking your head.
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>> hillary clinton spent her life employing defense lawyers and selling influence. the contrast is stark. it will compel people to come our way for the election. >> i'm sorry. what are the salacious allegations against hillary clinton? no one accused her of groping them without their own consent. 11 women have come forward and accused donald trump of sexually assaulting him. that's false equivalence on your part. as for your claims about employment, we have seen so many stories about how donald trump has stiffed vendors, stiffed contractors. he has run off with other people's money as he's left them paying the bill. he's not some jobs wizard. we have seen it in the stories that have come out. more importantly there is no equivalence with any of the allegations or anything that happened with hillary clinton and the 11 very serious -- >> that's just not true. >> let me say accusations, we have to say donald trump has denied it and said are
10:16 am
fabricated. before i let you go, what we have been talking about earlier was how both candidates were doing in a crucial swing state of florida. this is key to donald trump's past. a little bit of political strategy. you heard kasie hunt say the clinton campaign is cheerful, feeling confident. do you worry her campaign is getting over confident? there are 13 days left after all. >> they are keeping the focus on where it needs to be turning out the early vote and we are seeing the results there. in ohio, 70,000 more democrats turned out than republicans. in florida, you know, i know we are looking at the florida poll. 133,000 latinos turned out. donald trump is under performing with latinos how. we have all heard it all comes down to turnout and the turnout looks bad for donald trump, especially when you take into account the fact that he has very little ground game in both states. >> turn it around in the next 13
10:17 am
days? what do you think? >> he certainly can. when you say turn it around it implies we are far down. we are barely down, if we are down. >> most polling shows you are down. >> most but not all. this is important. i'm glad the other side is getting over confident. they are already dancing in the end zone and they have yet to win the game. if you look at battleground state states and up circumstances shows us tied or within the margin of error in every single battleground state. if we press hard they will win. thankfully the alternative isn't credible on hillary clinton. day after day the scandal grows regarding her e-mails. >> we have to leave it there. >> thank you. >> denial is the first stage of grief. >> i promise i will have you
10:18 am
both back. this was a rather vigorous conversation. thank you very much. >> thank you, hallie. >> thanks for being with us on this show. i want to get to today's microsoft pulse question. trump is telling reuters he'd be winning if they had more support from the top of the gop. do you agree? head over to pulse. to cast your vote. i want to hear what you have to say. up next we have a lot more ahead. with less than two weeks before the election. some republicans are furious about donald trump's detour to christen his new luxury hotel. is trump campaigning this anymore? we'll talk about that as we are here live in the heart of downtown washington, d.c. a stunning spot and one of the set locations on the road show so far. stick around. pickinup for kyle.
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we are back at the u.s. navy memorial. we were at the trump international hotel which held a ribbon cutting hosted by the republican nominee for president spending his morning in washington. donald trump is coming under fire. he's taking time away from washington which isn't a hot bed of contested electoral votes. i talked with jeff sessions about all of this earlier. listen. >> nobody has worked harder than donald trump. he dwarfs the capacity of hillary clinton and actually being out and motivating supporters, motivating workers.
10:23 am
>> senator sessions doesn't disagree with the campaign strategy. i want to pose the question to jason osborn, republican strategist, former senior adviser to dr. ben carson. thanks for joining us. >> thanks for having me. >> let's jump off the sessions comment. trump is a motivator he said but at the height of the presidential campaign should the campaign be concerned that trump supporters will hear this and think trump is looking beyond what happens on november 8, if he loses? >> no. i don't think so. you have to look at what it is that donald trump is trying to show by appearing at an event like today. most of the time on a presidential campaign, you know, candidates love to walk through a factory, a business, to demonstrate they are in touch with actually the working person and how businesses are grown. here, donald trump is able to actually go into a product of his own making. something that shows that he's proud of how he came in under
10:24 am
budget and ahead of schedule. it's a direct contrast into who he's running against. she's appearing at an adele concert last night and there doesn't seem to be a lot of discussion about her going to a concert and him going to a business he built. >> let me play you what steve schmidt earlier had to say to my colleague here on this network. listen. the walls are collapsing. he's not doing the activities you would be doing 13 days out for somebody competitive. you don't take a time-out to tend to business interests. >> i posed the question to you. are the walls claptsing around donald trump? >> no. i think the polls are showing there is momentum coming back and tightening up a little bitter many. the more the focus is on the two candidates and the differences in policies and who is best
10:25 am
qualified then we see that the voters start to listen and pay attention. so for steve schmidt to say this isn't typical, i would disagree. back in 2008 there were times when sarah palin and john mccain actually went to different businesses they didn't create and highlighted the fact that they want to bring jobs back to america. donald trump today, this was one stop among three events he has planned today. another three or four tomorrow. in contrast to his opponent who is doing one or two a day. >> although she's doing two events today. trying to make the point. they are tied at two. let me ask you this. you mentioned talking about some of the key swing states. is florida a must win. does he have to win the white house? >> absolutely. there is no question. you have to win florida, ohio.
10:26 am
win a number of these battleground states. as i understand it, donald trump and mike pence have done quite a number of events over the last few days. >> why isn't he there today? >> as i understand he went from d.c. to ohio. just came back from florida over the last week or so. north carolina is a targeted state. wants to go there. tomorrow headed to ohio. he's hitting the key battleground states. i think you can't just nestle in florida and stay in florida. you have to take care of the other states as well. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> up next, we have a look at florida. hillary clinton rallying in tampa. later on today. hispanic voters there and all along the i-4 corridor. crucial to that part of the state will be key in deciding who will win the sunshine state. up next, we'll see who is winning the votes.
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we turn now to a key battleground state. we have been talking about it -- florida. there the race is anybody's game. we have new data that shows ten and a half million votes have been cast already across the country. in florida of the 1.6 million early votes cast, democrats and republicans have so far voted in roughly equal proportion. really interesting stuff. trump leading by two percentage points in a new florida poll out today. that's within the margin of error. we have a look at a key voting demographic there, the latino vote in florida. mariana? >> that's right, hallie. it may come down to hillsborough county where i am now.
10:31 am
they have decided 19 of the last 20 candidates. they are having discussions here over cuban sandwiches. what's this sandwich called? >> the obama sandwich. >> because the president campaigned here in 2012 and this is the hot spot. undecided latino voters are having cuban cigars. how are you? >> how are you? >> did you vote already? >> i have not voted. >> you're undecided? >> yes, ma'am. >> leaning any which way? >> i don't know yet. me and my wife will decide tonight and vote tomorrow. >> this is the latino voter that both campaigns are targeting. voters like this 66-year-old cuban-american still undecided. i want to talk to tony. did you vote already? >> i did. >> who did you vote for? >> i'm not telling you but i
10:32 am
hope hillary clinton doesn't come out. >> there you go. this is almost a microcosm of america. you have equal parts republicans, democrats and independents. all the group here can agree on is a love of cuban cigars. right? >> you got it. >> thank you. not a bad way to spend part of the afternoon. appreciate it. up next, hillary clinton turning 69 years old today. celebrating polls showing her widening national lead over donald trump even though he seems to be closing it up in the swing state of florida where we were. there are concerns about what happens after election day. how it all ends. we'll talk to usa today's susan page. first, we are asking you, trump tells reuters he would be winning if he had more support from the top of the republican party. do you agree? take a look at the responses. the majority of you say that --
10:33 am
well, i don't know. there we go. 90% of you don't agree. 10% of you do. this is what happens when you're on the road. we want to see if we can get the numbers moving around a little bit. an interesting question with mitt romney here in washington as we look at the beautiful fountains here at the u.s. navy memorial. more ahead from washington. i am benedict arnold, the infaus traitor. and i know ahing two about trading. so i trade wh e*trade,wheree a trademarked trade platform that has althe... ge! i won't. (cann sound) molity is ry important to m at's why i use e*trade mobile. it's on all my mobile devices, so it suits my mobillifestyl and it keeps my investments fully mobile... even when i'm on the move. sign up at and get to six hundred dollars.
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lotsf vitans a, and,nly 50 calories a serving... good morng, indeed. v8. veggies for all. welcome back to the u.s. navy memorial here in the nation's capital. we are about a mile or so from the white house. just an hour from now hillary clinton hoping to win the white house will hold a rally in tampa. she's trying to push for the early vote in battleground florida. all of it, by the way, as we now get a preview of a brand new usa today suffolk university national poll showing hillary clinton widening her lead across the country to nine points over
10:37 am
donald trump. the poll isn't really coming out until the top of the hour. joining me now with a first look is susan page, washington bureau chief for usa today. susan is covering her ninth presidential campaign. you know how these things work. huh? >> either that or i can't get another job. >> i think it is the former. i want you to break down some of the new polling numbers. the new polls out. trump's campaign is looking to a different poll showing them doing okay. >> this is a healthy lead for hillary clinton. she's up nine points on the four-way ballot. we have seen gary johnson and jill stein decline to -- their support cut in half over the last two months. that often happens when you get close to the voting. this would be the biggest victory since reagan's re-election in 1984.
10:38 am
>> how much, if at all, do you think donald trump has been hurt by the sexual misconduct allegations from nearly a dozen women, allegations that trump himself denied? you took a look at this in the polling? >> we did a majority of the people we surveyed 51% said they believe women were telling the truth in making the allegations of sexual misconduct. only 33% said they thought they were lying to hurt donald trump's campaign as he argued. we found about four in ten said it made them less likely to support donald trump because of the allegations made by about a dozen women. >> wikileaks releasing e-mails. how much is the drip-drip-drip hurting the campaign? >> this is an issue that's damaging hillary clinton just as the allegations of sexual misconduct are hurting donald trump. one thing we found was a majority of americans, 56% say revelations about the clinton foundation, big donors and the
10:39 am
intertwining state department will raise conflict of interest. this is an issue that's not going away after election day. >> one more number is donald trump talks about a rigged system. just the rhetoric in general in the race. an interesting number of voters in the poll are concerned about the possibility of violence on or after election day. what can you tell us? >> this was a surprise. majority of americans have at least some concern that there will be violence on election day. one of five are very concerned about it. clearly the harsh rhetoric of the campaign, the late-breaking allegations by donald trump of a rigged election have people concerned there might be trouble at the polls. we don't have a framework, history to compare it to. this is not a question we felt we had to ask in previous elections. >> susan page, thank you very
10:40 am
much for giving us an early look at the new poll coming out at 2:00 p.m. >> thanks. >> today, we are taking a closer look at a story we talked about yesterday on this program. the california national guard members who were asked to return their enlistment bonuses are going to be able to breathe a sigh of relief. defense secretary ash carter is announcing the collection of those payments is now suspended and that a review process is in place. >> today i ordered a series of steps to ensure fair treatment for the california national guard soldiers who may have received incentive bonuses and tuition assistance improperly as a result of errors and in some cases criminal behavior by other members of the california guard. there will be no collections. they are suspended now. we will put in place and there won't be more collections until we have put in place a process
10:41 am
that can expeditiously and fairly deal with the issues. >> we have house speaker paul ryan responding in part to that. quote, i'm glad the pentagon came to its senses. i want to thank everyone who spoke out adding congress will continue to work on any reforms necessary to ensure this doesn't happen again. coming up later in the show we have donald trump struggling to hold onto the lead. in the red state of utah. mormon voters mostly not supporting the gop nominee. coming up, jacob soboroff is with the utah voters pushing for a third party mormon candidate to a beehive state win. jacob will be after the break and after this live look at the u.s. navy memorial in washington, d.c. much more ahead. is it a professor who nevestops being a student? is it a caregiver determined to take care of r own?
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arrhea, and vomiting. whh may use kidney problems. now'the time for a better moment of proof. welcome back now. we are taking a look at the latest polling showing six in
10:45 am
ten voters are mormon in utah. donald trump only at 38%. mitt romney back in 2012 won 90% of the mormon vote. we wanted to find out where the voters are going. they are going to evan mcmullin. mike pence is headed to utah for a campaign stop today. raising eyebrows given it's not a typical battleground stop less than two weeks before the election for the battleground ticket. utah is where jacob soboroff spent time headed to mcmullin's headquarters to find out what's going on, what the mood is on the ground. one of my favorite states in the country. there you are. what are people telling you? >> i think if you asked the average american voter who is evan mcmullin they would say -- who? if you asked voters in utah i would imagine the vast majority of people would know. in fact, when you look at the polling he may win this.
10:46 am
it would be historic defeat for the republicans who haven't lost in the general election since 1964, since lbj won in the state. evan mcmullin could make it happen. a lot of mormon voters don't like donald trump. i stopped by evan's headquarters and this is what i found. if donald trump becomes the first republican presidential candidate to lose utah since the 1960s thanks to people in this building. evan mcmullin's campaign headquarters. tell me why you are here. >> i am a new supporter to mcmullin. >> so new you have to get his name right. >> this is every time. it just pops out. mcmullin. i know it. >> reporter: why not donald trump? >> where do you start? >> reporter: is this for either of you, does it have anything to do with faith? >> for me it's just evan speaks to the principles of the people who live here. the mountain west, especially
10:47 am
utah solidly rejected trump in the primary. >> reporter: how about you? are you a member of the church? >> i'm a transplant from new jersey. i have been here a few years. it's just character and integrity. this is the only guy that has that. >> reporter: when you look at this guy and put this guy up against donald trump what is it about donald trump's character and integrity that made you pick this guy over donald trump? >> i don't know where you want to go with this. he's donald trump. he's been in the media eye since forever. there's always been an issue of integrity with him for me. >> i would not vote for hillary or trump unless there was a gun to my kid's head. that's the only way. i was searching saying this doesn't feel right. there is nothing that makes me want to vote. this is the first time i feel engaged. >> reporter: in order to derail donald trump here all mcmullin has to do is steal the sex --
10:48 am
six votes from this state. in order for mcmullin to win the electoral college has to deadlock. the likelihood of that happening, not so much. >> jacob soboroff in picturesque utah. thanks so much. in the last few minutes we got news to share with you. reince priebus holding a call with rnc committee members. joined on the call by trump campaign manager kellyanne conway in a show of apparent unity just 13 days before the election. where is donald trump headed now? he's leaving washington headed over to north carolina. he'll be delivering a policy speech later this afternoon. that's another key state for trump. does he have enough time to overtake hillary clinton in the polls? we are looking at swing states but now looking at the entire world at the u.s. navy memorial. that's the biggest map of the world in the world, i'm told. stick around.
10:49 am
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republican women who saw the message last night and are upset by it. what is your message in there? >> i have a lot of republicans thanking me for standing up for the balogney at us for people who are ignored by clinton and shocked by donald trump. >> reporter: that was my conversation with newt gingrich. thump now is now hoping to push that forward by heading to north carolina today. republicans are talking about their ground grame.
10:53 am
she and michelle obama is going to be campaigning there together tomorrow. i am joined by the executive director of the north carolina's republican party. dallas, thank you for being with us, it is kind of crunch time for you here now >> well, it is really is. we are in to voting here in north carolina about 55% people will vote before election day in north carolina. we felt that republicans are doing very well. democrats have a lot voting, too and the governor's race with governor pat mccory and richard burrell are all close races. we are doing everything we can to squeeze out every vote we can. >> you talk about early voting information. i want to pull up our early voting data which shows half of our 4,000 votes have been cast, north carolina 4,000 have been
10:54 am
cast by democrats. when you look at the data, how much does it concern you? >> it does not concern me. democrats vote earlier in north carolina. about 22% of democrats routinely vote. we are in good position. our people are turning out hesitately heavily in the suburbs and rural areas. we are working in the urban areas. we feel like we are in a good position heading into two last weeks of this race. >> we know the trump campaign and republicans close to the campaign and north carolina is essential. right up there with florida. i ask this question with somebody else in the show whether florida is a must win. is north carolina a must win? >> north carolina is an all
10:55 am
must-win at the top of the ticket. i need every single republican to vote and if they do, they'll win >> wh. what i am asking if donald trump does not take the shot at north carolina, does he have a shot? >> donald trump will win in north carolina and we'll win. since obama's first election, democrats v lost 150,000 in registered voters. some of that is republicans going up and democrats going down. our friend at the national committee are partners and have done a phenomenon job. democrats don't have the coalition together that they had to elect mr. obama in the first time, of course, we beat him in the second time. >> dallas woodhous, thank you
10:56 am
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we are back on the road tomorrow live from geneva, ohio where donald trump will hold al rally tomorrow night. a huge thank you for the set here, the u.s. navy memorial to honest and recognize our nation's veterans. thank you to their service. thank you to not producer frank but producer's frank dad hanging out here. frank's dad hooked us up with this awesome set. two franks hanging out together. you know it is a family show and be sure to stick around with us tomorrow. frank, you won't be there, right? >> i will be there if you want me to be there. >> we are road-tripping. >> thomas, you should come hang out, too. >> frank jr. and frank sr., i
11:00 am
don't think senior looks old enough to have junior. we have to talk about it. >> nice buttering him up. >> look, if i can get a hook up for a set like that, i know who to talk to. all right, halie, great show. >> hi everybody, i am thomas roberts. 13 days left. two campaigns using precious time differently. we are away with clinton in florida. we'll see donald trump, he's facing business this morning. both campaigns are painting their own picture of where this race currently stands. >> i am going to work as hard as i can over these next 13 days, reaching out to as many


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